Healthie has built-in payment processing to make it easy for providers to accept payments online, enable clients to purchase packages from providers directly, and add packages to your website. 

Providers can create customized packages for clients to purchase directly from the Healthie platform, or from a website. 


Overview of Healthie's client packages and credit card payments

Getting Started

How do I set up packages for clients to purchase?

How do I add / manage my bank account to Healthie to receive payments from my clients?

How do I add my Healthie client packages to my website?

Provider FAQ - Payments & Bank Accounts

How do I charge a client for a service rendered?

How do I add a client's credit card to Healthie?

How Do I Request Payment for a Client?

How do I track the status of my payments received on Healthie?

Can Healthie's payment processor accept HSA and FSA cards?

How long does it take for a client payment to show up on my bank statement?

Is Healthie PCI Compliant?

What are the credit card transaction fees using Healthie?

How do I refund or stop a client payment?

Provider FAQ - Client Packages

How do I Edit, Share, or Delete a client package?

Can I add multiple Billing frequencies in the same Client Package?

What are the correct dimensions for a client package image / photo?

What is the best way to handle pro-bono clients in the platform so they can book without paying?

How can I create a "free" package / $0 session?

How do I use a promo code?

What is Healthie's credit feature?

Client FAQ

Why is Healthie asking me for a credit card?

How is my credit card information used and stored on Healthie?

How can I purchase a package for a family member?

Here's a video walkthrough of client packages, so you can see how it looks on Healthie. Feel free to pause the video, as you set it up for yourself!

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