Healthie makes it easy for providers to set up packages and service offerings for clients to purchase. 

By adding an overview of your services on Healthie, clients can purchase with you directly from the platform, and money goes directly to your bank account

Your packages will show up on the client's end, and you can also add these packages to your website or share a link to e-mail lists and social media for clients to purchase directly. 

How to create a new client package

Click on Create New Package

Step 1: You will be asked to give your package a name, pick an image - here are recommended dimensions for a photo, and add a description. 

Step 2: You can then enter the "number of sessions" that this package includes. This pulls from the appointment types that you have set up in your calendar. 

Step 3: You can then set up pricing for this package. Healthie offers the ability to set up one-time or recurring payments (e.g., client pays $150 per month for 6 months, payments made automatically). 

You have the option of making this package for a specific group, meaning that when a client buys a package they are placed in that group. You can also set it up so that a client buys a package they are enrolled into that course of your choosing.  Lastly, you can  "hide" a package which makes it visible only when you share a specific link.

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Here's a video walkthrough of client packages, so you can see how it looks on Healthie. Feel free to pause the video, as you set it up for yourself!

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