How promo codes are used

Promo codes allow you to offer special discounts, e.g., "NewYears - 10% off" or "SummerSpecial - 25% off" to your clients. You can pass these out selectively, or use them as part of your marketing + advertising strategies (e.g., on social media, over the phone, business cards, and more). 

How to create a promo code

Go to Billing --> Client Packages --> Manage Promo Codes. Enter the code name you'd like to use, e.g., friendsandfamily and the discount % you'd like. Be sure to hit the save button once you’re finished to enact changes.

How a client enters a promo code create a promo code

Clients enter the promo code when checking out of their cart when purchasing a package. The discount will automatically be applied.

If you purchase a package on behalf of a client, you will be able to apply the promo code as well. 

Best practices in using Promo codes

By default, a promo code is applicable for all of your client packages. We recommend distributing the promo codes to specific clients and indicate which package that it is intended for. 

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