We designed Healthie to help our providers build strong, long-term relationships with clients to meaningfully contribute to nutritional care outcomes.

One of the cornerstones of our technology platform is the client logging capabilities via our mobile apps (or the web platform). 

Specifically, clients can log the following:

Food: Clients can take pictures of meals, indicate hungriness and healthiness, special settings for eating disorders, write comments and a reflection

Selfies / Healthies:  Clients can take pictures of themselves and watch progress unfold over time.

Workouts: Clients can log their workouts, including type, length, and intensity.

Metrics: Clients can log metrics that providers request, most commonly including weight, BMR, waist circumference.  

Goals: Set and track goals and view completion rates.

Integrate with Wearables: Healthie integrates with FitBit, iHealth, and other smart devices. 

Providers can set custom settings to adjust what clients track:

Turn on / off client logging capabilities for all or particular clients.
Customize metrics to track
Leverage pediatric growth charts for working with children
Tie metrics into Aggregate Reports to track outcomes
Turn on special settings for working with Eating disorder clients

Providers can view client logs on web and mobile

Offer support and accountability during and in-between sessions by commenting on client logs and leveraging Healthie chat to keep clients on track. 

You can even leverage Healthie's "glasses icon" to indicate that you've viewed an entry. We recommend doing this on either your computer or on the mobile apps

Click here to see where you can view client activity 

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