Healthie's education platform makes it easy for providers to automatically distribute pre-loaded content to particular clients. Content may include videos, quizzes, handouts, and surveys; scoring capabilities available too. 

This tool is highly customizable to meet your particular workflow. Here are two examples of how providers and organizations  leverage Healthie's education tool today: 

Running a 12-week online group on a particular topic, e.g., weight loss:

Every Tuesday at 7pm, for 12 weeks, participants log onto Healthie in a group video chat (via Zoom) and a provider will walk through a topic of interest (e.g., Mindful Eating). Following this live session, participants receive relevant handouts, and a short quiz. At the culmination of a program, all participants receive a survey to rate their satisfaction. This data can then be aggregated 

Corporate Wellness content distribution: 

Employees of a corporate wellness environment receive weekly videos on a particular topic, as well as a handout and short quiz. Once a month, employees participate in a group lunch and learn (virtual or in-person). Throughout the duration of a program, employees have access to Healthie's client logging and messaging platform to build accountability and relationships with a Healthie provider. At the end of a program, data and outcomes can be aggregated to evaluate efficacy.

Sample screenshot of Healthie's Education Tool

You will be able to customize settings related to whether or not clients can engage with you and other participants via video, audio, and chat.

This feature is available on Healthie's Practice Plus plan and above. Additional charges may apply depending on type + volume of content that is being stored on the Healthie platform. 

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Here's a video walkthrough of the education tool, so you can see how it looks on Healthie. Feel free to pause the video, as you set it up for yourself!

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