If you are joining healthie from another EHR platform or software, we can import data into Healthie for you - this is completely free, and we take care of the leg work so it's a seamless experience for you. 

Transfer your data in two easy steps

  1. Export data from your previous solution: We will accept all file types, though CSV files are preferred (and most common!) 
  2. Message our team in the bottom right - we'll send you a secure link to upload this file. 

Common questions about Data Transfer

Where in my existing EMR platform is data held?
Every platform will store their data backup in its own place. Key terms you may see are "Backup" and "Download my files" - this is often available in the "Account settings' section of your profile. 

My existing EMR does not export data
If your existing EMR does not export data you need, or does not do any exports at al, no worries! Message our team in the bottom right and we can work with you to get the data out of your existing EMR and into Healthie, all for free.

How long does data import take?
We make every effort to import data as quickly as possible. Typically, these requests will take 2-3 business days, though if you need your account set up faster, just let us know. 

Have additional questions about importing data?
We'll help you out (and even do the export directly for you) - just message us, or e-mail hello@gethealthie.com

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