Healthie providers can automate many of their processes through Healthie, particularly when it comes to e-mail notifications. 

There are several types of e-mails sent to clients, and you can customize the content and distribution of these. To access these templates go to Main Dropdown -> E-mail. Note, there are multiple e-mail templates available, use the dropdown to select the template you'd like to complete.

Best Practices on E-mails to Clients

New Client - Welcome E-mail

This is your opportunity to welcome clients to your practice / online portal. If you are adding them as a New Client, Welcome them to your practice, give an overview, and also introduce them to the platform, and how they'll use it. Healthie includes a template for you to start from, but feel free to customize it with particular logistics.

Reminder: The Welcome e-mail includes a link for the client to set up their Healthie account, set a password, and start filling out their intake forms. 

Appointment Confirmation

This e-mail is sent to a client when you or they books an appointment through Healthie.

Appointment Reminders

This e-mail is sent to a client in advance of a session. You can adjust the timing of these reminders (1, 2, 3 or 4 days in advance of a session, via e-mail or text) in your Appointment Settings. 

Client books from your website or purchases package from your website

These e-mails are often similar to the New Client Welcome E-mail (above) but you may want to adjust the text slightly to reflect that a client is being added to the Healthie platform from your website, versus you manually adding them.

Other E-mail Notifications on Healthie

Automatic notifications sent to clients
Notifications e-mails are sent to clients when a) providers send a message or share a document / education module or b) clients purchase a package.

Notifications on client activity
Healthie sends providers notification e-mails when clients take certain actions within the platform. These are automatic, though you can adjust specific notification settings.

Reactivation e-mails
Healthie enables providers to send out e-mails to clients who have been inactive on the platform for a certain number of days. This is currently available on our practice plus plan. If you'd like to set this up for your account, please message us. 

Adding your brand and logo to E-mails

Adding your logo and links to your social media accounts is available on our Practice Plus plan. Moreover, fully white-labeled e-mails (no mention of Healthie) is available on our Enterprise plan. If you have any questions about this, please message our live chat. 

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