Overview of Healthie's Message Blast Feature 

A message blast is message you can send to all your clients or a group of clients at once. To the clients it seems like a personalized message, meaning they don’t see you have sent the same message to other clients. Think of it like a "bcc" in an email thread. A message blast is a great way to announce your going on a vacation or share an inspirational quote.

For example, want to wish everyone a Happy 4th or a Merry Christmas? Use the Message Blast feature! 

Step 1: Click the "chat" on the left hand side bar, then select the "message blast" 

Step 2: Select the client's you'd like to include.
Step 3: Write content of message.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will clients see other client's names, e-mails, and private information?
No! Clients will NOT see each others' names and e-mail addresses. They do not know you are sending this to other clients.

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