Overview of Healthie's Message Blast Feature 

Healthie's Message Blast feature allows provider to draft one message, and sent it at once to multiple (all, specific groups, or some) clients. In other words, think of this as a "BCC" to all of your clients distributed through Healthie's chat system. 

For example, want to wish everyone a Happy 4th or a Merry Christmas? Use the Message Blast feature! 

Step 1: Click the "chat" on the left hand side bar, then select the "message blast" 

Step 2: Select the client's you'd like to include.
Step 3: Write content of message.

Commonly asked questions 

Will clients see other client's names, e-mails, and private information?
No! Clients will NOT see each others' names and e-mail addresses. They do not know you are sending this to other clients.

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