Healthie's Reports Feature makes it easy for providers to:

  1. Pull client information and track key activity
  2. Analyze metrics and health outcomes
  3. Run analyses on appointments (no-show rates, most common appointment types, etc)
  4. Track payments, bank transfers, Superbills, and CMS 1500 data. 
  5. For organizations: understand individual and aggregate provider performance, track CMS 1500 claims and status by provider, organize accounting by provider 

Screenshot of Healthie's Reporting Tab:

What happens when you download a report? 

Relevant data will appear in a .CSV file format for you to download and analyze. 

How can you leverage Healthie reports in your business? 

Here are six common use cases of Healthie's reporting: 

  1. Corporate Wellness: Tracking client data and outcomes to share with employers and human resources departments. Metrics tracked is fully customizable, and common fields include weight, BMR, health education (Scales of 1-10), engagement levels and participation in webinars and courses. 
  2. Engagement in a concierge plan: See how active clients are in terms of client logging, messaging, and relate these to outcomes. 
  3. Goal achievement: Use the Client Activity (Goals, Log-ins, Posts) to assess how client's are achieving their goals
  4. Group Practice Billing: Download data around your appointments, tie that into out-of-pocket and insurance billing, assess performance, and track Superbills / CMS 1500s. 
  5. Quizzes and surveys: Leveraging Healthie's Intake Form System and custom auto-scoring feature, build quizzes and download results to get feedback and assess performance. 
  6. Downloading client e-mails for newsletters: Want to send a monthly newsletter to your clients? Download this report

Can I add / customize fields in my reports? 

Currently, you are able to filter appointment and payment reports by date.

Click here to learn more. 

Want help with data analysis of your reports? 

Healthie offers advanced reporting and data analysis - most commonly to group practices, corporate wellness providers, grocery stores, and other organizations. Please Contact Us: if you'd like to discuss your business's specific needs. 

What's coming up next with Healthie's Reports Feature? 

We are working hard to roll out a feature that will allow you to filter reports and entries by date, as well as additional filters by which to analyze data. Stay tuned. 

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