AthenaHealth and Healthie

Healthie offers an integration with Athena Health, which allows for information to sync between the two systems. This integration works well for clinics and organizations that seek to use Healthie as a patient engagement suite alongside Athena as their existing clinical EMR platform. 

Note: Healthie is not in the Athena Marketplace (yet), and we will update this article as we understand if this would make sense for our customers in the future. 

About the Athena Health & Healthie Integration

Here is an example of fields that can be synced between Athena & can be set up between Healthie & Athena: 

  • Part 1: Appointments & Availability
    • Push Appointments to Athena
    • Pull Appointments from Athena
  • Part 2: Patient demographics
    • Pull Patient demographics from Athena
    • Push Patient Demographics to Athena
  • Part 3: Patient Charting & Vitals
    • Push chart notes in (as documents) to Athena
    • Push core vitals (height, weight, waist circumference, BF %, BP) to Athena

Notes & Requirements

There are two options to set up this integration: 

  1. Build your integration directly via Healthie API: Build a bridge between Healthie & Athena; coordinate with Healthie team to align on API calls (Basic flow: Athena API <-> Your Server <-> Healthie API) 
  2. Coordinate with Healthie to build integration on your behalf: This is available as an add-on to our Organization plan. From our experience, each instance of the Healthie <> Athena Health integration is unique & complex, and is based on Athena configurations + intended use of the two systems in conjunction with each other. 
    1. We require a point of contact on your team to serve as the liaison between your company and Athena, in order to initiate & navigate the integration.
    2. From our experience, to set expectations, the timeline for integration is largely determined by Athena and can take 3-6+ months

How to set up AthenaHealth & Healthie Integration

  • E-mail to learn more & discuss these two options
  • Healthie and your team will coordinate directly for configuration and coordination with your Athena Health Implementation Representative 

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