Join Healthie's Referral Program

Earn Healthie credit for reach referral who signs up for a paid subscription to the platform -- there's no limit! 

Tell your friends & colleagues to check us out. When you refer a friend who signs up for Healthie, you'll both benefit. Amounts include: 

  • If a friend purchases a membership plan, you'll earn a 10% commission for their entire first year, which will be credited to the account you have on file with Healthie and be discounted from your payments to Healthie. There's no limit on the number of referrals you can make!
  • Your friend will receive 10% off their first year of Healthie, on any plan they choose (monthly or annual subscriptions!) 

Our customers include dietitians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, health coaches, physicians, and chiropractors, as well as the organizations that they work with. 

Here’s how it works

  1. Log in to your Healthie dashboard.
  2. Access your referral link by clicking on your setting dropdown on the right-hand side of your account.

This will bring you to your Healthie Affiliate Dashboard. Your "Referral Link" is the unique link/code that you will use to share with friends and colleagues. By using your Referral Link, we'll be able to keep track of people who have visited your link, started a trial with Healthie, and started a Healthie membership. Your commission 

How to share your referral link

Your referral link great to use whenever you mention Healthie in a newsletter, on social media, in a listserve, or on your website to share your love of Healthie with other nutrition professionals.  There is no limit on the amount of Healthie credit you can gather! 

For your convenience, we've created easy sharing messages across email and social platforms, including: 

  • Email 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Instagram 

When you share the message through your affiliate dashboard, your referral link will automatically be added.

What do referral links do?

When someone clicks on your referral link, they are simply directed to They will not see anything about your account or your information. The customized link carries all the information we will need to know that they found out about Healthie through you. We will let you know each time one of your colleagues signs up for Healthie so that you can receive the credit you’ve earned.

How your friend can apply their discount

Each person you refer who starts a trial can reach out to our team for a 10% discount on any membership plan for their first year of Healthie by emailing Our team will ensure the discount will be applied to the plan of their choice. 

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