Custom Reports

Your Enterprise Plan may include Custom Reports that go beyond what we offer in our Reports tool, to help you collect the specific information that your Organization needs. 

Note: You are able to pull any piece of data found in a Custom Report via Healthie's API too. 

Examples of Custom Reports

Organizations may generate Custom Reports for a variety of reasons and use cases. Here are some examples:

  • Insurance company requirements: Help an organization generate a report with specific fields that are required for submission to an insurance company for reimbursement of services (e.g., client demographics, metrics, appointment history)
  • Corporate wellness: Help multiple organizations generate a spreadsheet with the exact fields that they need to share with stakeholders; organizations can then aggregate information into a shareable presentation to stakeholders. 
  • Digital health startup: Pull relevant questions for charting / intake forms, and metrics to show responses in one place, to understand efficacy of a program pilot
  • Digital health startup: Based on a core client metric, evaluate customer engagement (program completion, appointments attended), and immediately cut by demographics to understand best target population

Where to find Custom Reports

If you have received notification that the Custom Report has been set to run, you will be able to find the Custom Report in your "Documents" folder within the platform. You will see a .csv formatted report, which you can open up in tools like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. 

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Learn More or Get Started

If you are interested in requesting a Custom Report, please complete this questionnaire.


  • By default, we allow for a maximum of 12 columns per Report
  • By default, we do not allow for changes to custom reports once they have been scheduled. 
  • In some instances, there may be an additional fee for custom reports, and this will depending on the complexity to build the report.
  • We cannot guarantee that every report template is possible - it comes down to what is technically feasible - we will make our very best effort to get as close as possible for you. For example, matrix questions would not appear in a Custom Report. 
  • Turnaround time for a custom report is typically 10-14 business days, once we have aligned and approved the report columns together. 
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