Skip Adding Credit Card During Trial Sign Up

Your trial is free for 14 days, and you'll receive an email notification when your trial is ending. 

Switching to our Starter plan will still give you access to your account, core features, and work with up to 10 clients at absolutely no cost. Additionally, switching to our Starter Plan will enable you to receive any pending payments or invoices from clients, including those that are scheduled for a future date. When you cancel your account, no future client payments will be processed. 

Our Starter plan is free forever, and you can always upgrade to a paid plan at any time. This essentially will allow you to "pause" account payments while still maintaining access to Healthie. 

Skip Adding Credit Card During Sign Up

If you've reached the page in the trial sign up that asks for your credit card, and you'd rather test out Healthie on our free Starter Plan instead, follow the steps below: 

  • From the paywall page, click the person icon on the top right 
  • Select "Switch to Starter Plan" 

Your trial will automatically be converted to a free Starter membership. You will not need to enter a credit card, and there will be no fee associated with your membership.

Switch to the Starter Plan for $0/month

If you've already started your free trial, you can switch to the Starter Plan at any time. Your trial will be ended, and you will continue to have access to Healthie at no charge. 

To switch from a trial to the free Starter Plan: 

  • Navigate to your Subscription Page (Gear icon > Subscription) 
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the link for Switch to Starter

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