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Our Marketplace makes it easy for businesses to use software solutions together to enhance efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver patient care. Healthie partners with a wide range of technology platforms, as well as service providers, that collectively enable our customers to achieve the solutions they need for better business or client care outcomes. 

At Healthie, it’s our vision to improve access to healthcare and enable better healthcare outcomes through technology. By building partnerships across the healthcare and technology industry, our Marketplace helps to break down barriers to workflows, processes, and care.  

This article covers the scope of becoming a Marketplace Partner, with valuable information on how we'll plan to work together. 

To join out Marketplace, please complete our Marketplace Partner Application

How do our Marketplace partners work with us? 

1) Platform Partners

If you are an independent software provider serving a mutual customer base with Healthie, you can leverage our API and sandbox access to self-build an integration with our platform.

2) Consulting Partners

Offer your services to Healthie members. Via our Marketplace, Healthie customers can discover developer agencies, coaching programs, billers, and other 3rd party services familiar with Healthie. 

Join our Marketplace: For Platform Partners

After receiving your completed Marketplace Partner Application, our team will review your application and reach out to you with next steps in the Marketplace process. You'll find a general overview of how our teams will work together, to review, approve, and implement a proposed platform solution. 

1. Complete the Marketplace Partner Application Form 

The partner application form will allow us to get to know a bit more about your company and your interest in partnering with Healthie. 

2. Complete and sign our (optional) NDA 

Once we receive and validate your Marketplace Partner Application, our team will send over an NDA for your point of contact to optionally review and sign. An NDA is not representative of exclusivity, you are welcome to offer your services and technology to other EHR platforms. 

2. Review API Docs & Access our Sandbox  

Our Marketplace Partner Application will ask if you need access to our API docs and a Sandbox environment. You'll be sent a link to access our API docs (or access the API docs directly), and we'll also follow-up with your Sandbox credentials.  

4. Propose Product Experience

Our Marketplace team will need to review the technical aspect of your proposed solution to properly asses the scope and development work needed by either parties. This will help to drive our ongoing discussions, and ensure that the end solution best meets our mutual customers' platform needs. 

5. Submit Sample experience in Sandbox for team review

Once built out in our Sandbox environment, our Marketplace team will be in touch to review the proposed solution in staging. We'll host a video call with a screen-share step, so we can talk through the solution live. 

Join our Marketplace: For Consulting Partners

Healthie works with consulting agencies across various specialties, from dev agencies, to credentialing agencies, and coaching programs. This allows Healthie members to find relevant industry support as they launch, build, and scale their healthcare businesses. 

To get started, please fill out our Marketplace Partner ApplicationOur team will review your application and follow-up via email with next steps. 

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