Account Set Up

Getting Started

Start setting up your Healthie account by following these easy first steps.

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Member Resources

Find free resources from Healthie for your business and account setup.

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Client Onboarding

Find resources for onboarding and working with your clients in Healthie.

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Healthie Platform

About Healthie

Import data, download our mobile apps, and set up your brand

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General Information

Learn about Healthie's privacy and security procedures to keep your information safe

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Privacy and Security

Learn about Healthie's HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, AUS Privacy Act, PCI Compliance Measures

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Account management

Managing your account, adding new users, pricing information, export your data

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Branding & marketing links

Customize Healthie with brand, logo, company info, colors. Create links to schedule.

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Connecting your Healthie account with your favorite apps and services

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Reporting features, leveraging reports for your business, use case scenarios

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Healthie Product Roadmap

Learn about recent and upcoming updates to the Healthie web and mobile platform

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EHR / Back-office

Calendar and Scheduling

Set schedule, manage calendar, automate appointment e-mails, sync externally

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Charting & Client Profile

Take notes electronically; build custom templates or use existing; E-fax to others

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Intake forms

Build online question banks and e-signature forms for clients to complete online

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Out of pocket payments

Manage business bank account, build packages for clients, accept credit card payments

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Client Packages

Build client packages to charge for sessions, products, programs, and services

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Build and track claims to submit to insurance for reimbursement of services

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Generate and share Superbills with your clients; ICD-10 and CPT code lookup

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Send and receive faxes electronically through Healthie, activate your own fax number

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Set reminders for yourself, other members in your org, and clients

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Inventory Management

Track & store products, manage inventory

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Client Engagement

Emails and Notifications

Customize and automate the email, text, and push notifications sent to your clients

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Client Settings

Learn how to connect, support, and engage with your wellness clients in Healthie.

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Chat (Secure Messaging)

Securely send and receive messages from clients from web or mobile app

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Healthie Video Calls (Telehealth)

HIPAA-compliant video chat to connect with clients (one-on-one and group)

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Build courses and distribute / sell to your clients; share videos, documents, e-mails

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Journal Entries

Learn how to use Healthie's journaling tool to interact and support your clients.

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Build goal regiments for clients and track progress along the way

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Track your client progress by logging metrics, and create your own custom metrics.

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Securely store, send, share and receive documents as you work with clients

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Care Plans

Learn how to share recommendations with your clients with care plan templates.

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Special configurations

Group Practices and Organizations

Set up your multi-login business and take advantage of add-on capabilities

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Specialty Populations

Learn about best practices when working with specific client populations

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Healthie Partners

Find programs and businesses that have a special relationship with Healthie.

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