Mirah and Healthie

Healthie’s integration with Mirah gives you one-click access to Mirah's powerful measurement-based care engine. Enhance clinical decision-making by enabling Behavioral Health providers and clinical supervisors with data-driven insights from Mirah’s patient feedback report and robust out-of-the-box analytics.

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About Mirah 

Mirah is a best-in-class platform for screening, measuring, and tracking patient progress to empower providers with data-driven decision-making. A fully integrated solution, Mirah offers actionable insights, powerful analytics, and an unparalleled level of precision to help organizations deliver measurement-based care at scale. 

Use of Mirah’s platform includes access to 400+ assessments and an expert clinical support team to drive effective, sustainable implementation of data-informed care across organizations of all sizes. 

Email info@mirah.com to learn how Mirah can support your Behavioral Health business. 

How to Enable the Integration

There is no cost from Healthie to enable this integration, and it can be enabled for any paid Healthie subscription plan. An active Mirah account is required for this integration to be enabled. To get started with Mirah, please reach out to info@mirah.com

Customers with an active Mirah account can  reach out to hello@gethealthie.com to request your Healthie API keys be sent to Mirah. 

We’ve got it from there. Our team will enable the integration for your account. You’ll be notified when the integration is live. 

Healthie + Mirah Integration 

Once enabled, this integration allows for Mirah to leverage key information from Healthie (business information, patient data, and appointment details, to further enhance a Measurement Based Care approach. 

Here is what you can expect from this integration: 

  • Access a library of 400+ measures in Mirah, covering a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions to inform clinical care pathways.
  • Customize measurement protocol to select assessments on the individual level, or auto-assign measurement protocols to clinical units or by diagnosis.
  • Configure automatic delivery of assessments based on your appointment schedule in Healthie.
  • Enhance clinical decision-making with one-click access to Mirah’s clinical feedback report and analytics suite within Healthie. 
  • Synchronize patient demographic and clinician information so there’s never a need for dual creation or maintenance of data between systems.
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