E-Rx: Cancel a Prescription Order

Prescriptions are able to be cancelled electronically within the integration in the Healthie platform.

Here are the steps for initiating a cancel request:

  • Navigate to the patient's "Active Medication" list in the DoseSpot UI
  • Click the "Actions" button drop down menu next to the medication they would like to cancel and select "Remove"


  • While in the "Remove Active Medication" modal, select the "Cancel" option. There is a comment field they can use to send the pharmacy a note about the cancel request, but it is completely optional


  • Click OK to send the request the pharmacy

Once the request is sent, the prescription is moved from the patient's active medication list to their inactive medication list and the medication status of the prescription is changed to cancel requested:


The pharmacy will either send an approval or deny response ending the transaction. If the pharmacy has already filled the prescription, they should send a "Cancel Denied" response which will move the medication from the patient's inactive medication list back to their active medication list with a new cancel denied status.

If they have successfully canceled the prescription, they should send a "Cancel Approved" response and the medication will remain in the patient's inactive medication list with a new cancel approved status.

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