Healthie Sales Tax FAQ (for Customers)

Healthie collects and remits sales tax from customers based on requirements from local, state, and federal regulations. Healthie uses the billing address to calculate the applicable sales tax for the product or service the customer subscribes to each month or year. Sales Tax is added to your invoice/receipt for each applicable purchase. This is separate from any taxes that you as a provider may collect from your patients.

The customer/subscriber acknowledges that it is responsible for any sales, value-added, use or other taxes, tariffs, and governmental charges that are due in connection with the sale and provision of the Services, access to the Healthie System hereunder (except taxes based on Healthie's net income for which Healthie shall be solely responsible) and that if Healthie is required to pay any such taxes or charges based on the Healthie System, the Services or other items provided to Subscriber, then such charges shall be billed to and paid by Subscriber.

Subscriber shall obtain and provide to Healthie any certificate of exemption or similar document required to exempt any transaction under this Agreement from sales tax, use tax, or other tax liability.

How is sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is calculated based on your billing address (when you enter in payment information) and the local, state, and federal jurisdiction's tax rates for the Healthie product and service.

How do I let Healthie know that I am tax-exempt?

Fill out this Sales Tax Exemption Request form and provide a tax exemption certificate so that Healthie can appropriately record your tax exemption status.

What happens if I move my business and/or I have a new address?

Send an email to alert the billing team at to update your address so that Healthie can calculate the sales tax based on new billing information.

Where can I see the sales tax charge?

Sales tax is a separate line item on your receipt/invoice. If you need a copy, please request it through

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