Dosespot: Prescribing a Compounding Medication

To prescribe compounding medications, navigate to the e-prescribing section within the client’s profile, and click “Add and Manage” button: 

Click the “Add Prescription” button: 

From there, be sure to select the “Compound” option in the “Add Prescription” screen: 

You may then proceed to build out the prescription searching for the ingredients. First do a search of the ingredient in the field, then select your desired ingredient from the list that populates:

Select the strength that you need for the medication:

Enter the desired dispense method:

Click the blue circle “+” icon to the right of the "Dispense Unit" field:

The ingredient will populate in the list in the right column under “Build a Compound”:

Repeat this process for every ingredient you would like to add to the compound. Once you have finished building out the ingredient list, enter a name for the compound then select the "Build Compound" button.

If an ingredient isn’t available, please follow up with to let us know. We can then submit a request to Dosespot to add it to their database. To do so, we will need the following information: 

  • Generic Name: 
  • Brand Name: 
  • Drug Class:
  • NDC #:
  • URL for the medication:
    • The NDC code for the medication or the primary ingredient if it's a compounded medication (the code comes from the FDA - compounded medications won't be listed, so you'll need to provide the NDC for the primary medication(s) that need to be compounded). 

Please note, the approval to add a medication comes from Lexicomp directly and the turnaround time can vary. Neither Healthie nor Dosespot are able to speed up this process, unfortunately. 

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