cliexa and Healthie

cliexa provides integrated solutions that elevate the functionality of Healthie's platform, particularly in the realm of telehealth services. This integration aims to streamline clinical and administrative processes, enhance compliance, and improve overall quality of care for Healthie customers.

The content of help documentation regarding product functionality by third-parties is managed and updated by the third-party. Healthie makes no guarantees relative to the functionality described by third-party services. Please see Additional Resources below on where to direct any support inquiries.

cliexa is not affiliated with Healthie, and Healthie is a separate entity. The content and functionality of cliexa solutions are managed and updated by cliexa. For more information on Healthie pricing and membership, please contact Healthie directly. 

Note: This integration is available to all Healthie Enterprise Plan members, at no additional cost from Healthie.

This article contains information on Healthie's integration with cliexa.

About cliexa

cliexa is a digital health platform that specializes in clinical data aggregation and integration services. Our innovative solutions are designed to streamline healthcare processes, improve clinical workflows, enhance patient care quality, and boost administrative efficiency. cliexa empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care, optimize their operations, and stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Key Solutions for Healthie Customers

Please reach out to cliexa to confirm what functionality is available via the integration. Note that not all partner functionality is always made available via integrations.

  1. cliexaConnect: Advanced Interoperability 
    • Securely exchange patient data from various sources using Healthie API's. 
    • Receive real-time event updates with webhooks for seamless data integration. 
  1. cliexaCRE: Clinical Rules Engine Powered by AI 
    • Automate task management and clinical workflows within Healthie. 
    • Enable treatment recommendations based on best practices, treatment protocols, and national guidelines. 
  1. cliexaDiagnostics: Customizable Diagnostic Reporting 
    • Process patient data to provide a holistic patient snapshot. 
    • Leverage Healthie's care plan, goal, and milestone features for comprehensive insights. 
  1. cliexaViews: Advanced Reporting Engine 
    • Turbocharge Healthie's scheduling and availability API's. 
    • Automate provider availability, patient appointments, subspecialty management, and provider onboarding. 
  1. cliexaTrac: Advanced Intake and Remote Patient Monitoring 
    • Available as a standalone, white-labeled hybrid mobile platform. 
    • Enables Healthie's white-labeled mobile platform with cliexa functionality. 
    • Facilitates patient onboarding with clinical questionnaires and discrete data responses. 
    • Automates assignments, mapping, and connection of patients to matching providers. 
    • Provides personalized remote patient monitoring with wearable data integration. 
    • Tracks symptoms, complications, medication adherence, and reminders. 
    • Seamlessly syncs patient data with Healthie. 
  1. Integration and Clinical Technology Development 
    • Beyond our solutions, cliexa also offers integration and clinical technology software development services to further customize and optimize Healthie's capabilities according to your practice's needs. 

cliexa turbocharges Healthie customers through: 

    • Efficiency: Streamline clinical workflows and administrative tasks. 
    • Compliance: Ensure adherence to best practices and guidelines. 
    • Quality: Deliver higher quality care with comprehensive patient insights. 
    • Time Savings: Automate processes to save valuable time. 

Create a cliexa Account

To get in touch with cliexa and create your account, please email

Enable Healthie Integration with cliexa

Once you’ve created a cliexa account, please email for your API Key. The Healthie Support Engineering team will share the API Key to your Documents section which you can then share with cliexa.


There is no fee from Healthie to enable this integration. cliexa solutions will be available as cliexa configures and customizes Healthie instance to interoperate with cliexa platforms.

Additional Resources

If you have any support inquiries, please email

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