How Can I Activate a Harbor (fka Marketplace) Partner's Integration?

There are two different methods for activating integrations.

  1. Integrations you can self-activate within the Healthie portal.
  2. Integrations that Healthie must help turn on for you.

Self-Serve Integrations

  1. Log in to your Healthie portal
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find Integrations within the Settings side bar.

Here you'll find integrations with specific activation workflows that were developed by the Healthie team.

Activating Healthie Harbor Partners

Many partners who develop their integration do not have the ability by themselves to turn on the integration and need cooperation from the Healthie team. We do this to provide an extra layer of security before you provide another company access to your Healthie portal.

Healthie does not make any claims or guarantees to the product functionality, outcomes, or security promised by third-parties and the details listed on are managed and updated by the third-party. Please do your own due diligence in contracting with third parties. For integrations developed by third parties, there are normally not additional fees from Healthie; however, you will still need to sign a contract with the third party and pay any of their fees.

In order to activate a partner, please fill out the form at this link. Healthie will confirm the details provided and let you know next steps. When approved, the Healthie team will add the necessary API information in the documents section of your Healthie portal. This should then be shared with the partner. The level of access the third party has will be depending on the user permissions of the user account with the API credentials.

Enterprise customers may iFrame partners into Healthie by adding a new item to the left sidebar in their Healthie portal. Please let our team know if you'd like to iFrame the partner at the time of requesting to activate a partner.

Below is a screenshot of the Documents section. Notice the CSV file with API_KEY at the end of it's name. This is the file to be shared with the partner. It's highly recommend this is shared securely.

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