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Healthie bills providers on a monthly or annual basis, with the opportunity to save money by paying annually for your Healthie membership. Here are our plans and prices

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Healthie processes payments on the recurring day that you activated your subscription. For example, if you activated your Healthie subscription on the 14th of a month, you will be billed on the 14th of a month going forward. 

Upgrades: If you decide to upgrade mid-cycle, your account will be credited the "pro-rated amount" that you have already paid for your billing cycle, and your card will be charged the difference between the new plan, and what you have "already paid" towards your current billing cycle. Future payments will be made on the updated day in the month, since your upgrade. 

For example, if you previously paid a monthly Healthie membership on the 1st of the month, but upgrade on the 15th of the month, you will pay on the 15th of the month going forward, and will be charged the full month, minus the two weeks remaining of your previous subscription price. 

If you navigate to your Subscriptions page within Healthie (Gear Icon in top right of your profile> Subscription), you will see important plan and payment details. 

Adjust and Self-Manage Your Healthie Plan Level

Healthie customers on a Starter, Essentials, or Plus Plans are now able to self-manage and have more insights into their subscription. If you are a Group Plan customer and navigate to your Subscriptions page, you will see your current plan and only the option to view Payment History. Group Plan customers will still be required to reach out to hello@gethealthie.com in order to adjust their subscriptions.

As a Starter, Essentials, or Plus Plan customer, when you navigate to your Subscriptions page within Healthie (Gear Icon in top right of your profile> Subscription), you will see options to Manage Plan, view Payment Method details, or check Payment History.

Upon clicking on Manage Plan, you'll receive details as to the current Healthie Plan you're subscribed to, your trial length details (when applicable), and the option to add another Payment Method if you'd like to.

If you're currently subscribed to a monthly payment plan, you can switch to an annual payment plan to pay a lower effective rate. Toggle to Update Plan > Yearly to see your annual rate when you switch to an annual payment. To make the switch to an annual payment, click the "Select" button in the banner.

Finally, clicking on Continue will then switch you over onto another Healthie Plan.

Payment History

If you navigate to Payment History, you are able to view your Healthie subscription plan invoices. Clicking on the link beside a particular Invoice date in the Invoice History list will allow you automatically generate a Stripe invoice which you can then either Download or download a Receipt of that payment.

Receive Email Receipts for Subscription Payments

If you would like to receive e-mail receipts for your subscription, navigate to Notifications Settings and enable "A receipt from a Healthie subscription payment is available." You must be the organization administrator to see this setting and enable receipts. Receipts will go to the e-mail address that you used to originally sign up for Healthie.

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