Deep dive: Intake forms & charting template pull

Healthie enables you to download the raw data that is completed as part of intake forms, charting forms, and program forms. This is a highly flexible feature, useful for business analyses spanning:

  • Health outcomes 
  • Program efficacy
  • Client satisfaction
  • Sources of referrals 
  • Medication analysis 
  • Survey responses 


Downloading an intake form / charting form / program form report

Step 1: Forms > Form Builder 

Step 2: Select Form you'd like to download responses for. Click "Options" > "Download Form Responses"

Step 3: You will see a banner indicating that your download (CSV file) is being prepared. 

Step 4: Click on the "Generated Reports" folder within your Documents platform, and you'll be able to download this report. 

Considerations and best practices

Within the downloaded CSV file:

  • Each form field should be represented as its own column, starting in Column B
  • All fields that ever existed in the form (across all clients & versions of the form) will appear across the columns. If you make edits to your form, old responses will still appear.
  • Questions will appear in Row 1
  • Each form response by a client will  be represented as its own row, and the client's name will appear in Column A
  • Column B will show the date that the client completed the form response
  • "Signed" will appear if the client added a signature
  • Some field types will not be included in the CSV: read_only, labels, videos, documents (attachments), and folders
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