Download a Report of Form Responses

Healthie enables you to download the raw data that is completed as part of intake forms, charting forms, and program forms. This is a highly flexible feature, useful for business analyses spanning health outcomes, program efficiency, client satisfaction, survey results, and more. 


Download a Report of Form Responses

Step 1: Forms > Form Builder 

Step 2: Select Form you'd like to download responses for. Click "Options" > "Download Form Responses"

Step 3: You will see a banner indicating that your download (CSV file) is being prepared. 

Step 4: Click on the "Generated Reports" folder within your Documents platform, and you'll be able to download this report. 

Considerations and best practices

Within the downloaded CSV file:

  • Each form field should be represented as its own column, starting in Column B
  • All fields that ever existed in the form (across all clients & versions of the form) will appear across the columns. If you make edits to your form, old responses will still appear.
  • Questions will appear in Row 1
  • Each form response by a client will  be represented as its own row, and the client's name will appear in Column A
  • Column B will show the date that the client completed the form response
  • "Signed" will appear if the client added a signature
  • Some field types will not be included in the CSV: read_only, labels, videos, documents (attachments), and folders
  • At this time, it is not possible for questions in the "matrix" question type to be added to this pull, due to the complexity of question type. We recommend pulling these responses out individually. 
  • There is a column for Client Group
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