Deep dive: CMS 1500 Report

Healthie's CMS 1500 Report makes it easy to understand:

  • How many claims you have created (in a given date range)
  • Insurance information
  • Segmentations by client, group, insurance
  • Reimbursements amount


Accessing your CMS 1500 Report

  • Reports > CMS 1500 Report
  • This report can be run for individual members or for an entire organization.
  • Filter by desired date range
  • Once the report is generated it will appear in your Documents>Generated report area. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the report to be processed.

Columns in CMS 1500 Report:

  • Date of Service
  • Creation Date
  • Provider
  • Unique ID
  • Client
  • Client 
  • Date of Birth
  • Client Group
  • Referring Physician
  • Units
  • Total Billed
  • Status
  • Amount Reimbursed
  • Date Reimbursed
  • Copay
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Primary Policy Name
  • Primary Policy Member ID Number
  • Primary Policy Group Number
  • Primary Insurance Type
  • Secondary Policy Name
  • Secondary Policy Member ID Number
  • Secondary Policy Group Number
  • Secondary Insurance Type
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