Fullscript and Healthie

Fullscript integrates with Healthie to make it easy for you to provide product & supplement recommendations within Healthie, and directly connect your Fullscript account with your Healthie account. 

Fullscript is an online supplement dispensary platform that enables you to dispense products virtually, stock supplements in-house, or write one-to-many care protocols to create a dispensing mix that fits your business needs. A Fullscript dispensary can be set up as a for-profit, or non-profit account. Please refer to Fullscript directly when creating your account to understand the difference in structure. 

For providers outside of the United States, a Fullscript US account can be created however, a profit account can only be created if you have tax information and a Social Security number for the US. If not, then you can still have a Fullscript account, but it will be a non profit account

Overview of the Fullscript & Healthie integration

With the Fullscript-Healthie integration, you are able to:

  • Provide a single sign on experience for your clients to view recommendations from Healthie
  • View, within your Healthie account, the products that your clients have purchased / have been recommended

Below is a video overview of the integration:

Connect your Healthie account with Fullscript

For individual practitioners

If you have not connected with Fullscript, you will see a "Connect with Fullscript" button within a Client's profile. 

You will then be prompted to sign into your Fullscript account. 

  • Note: If you don't currently have a Fullscript account, you'll be prompted to create a new account and guided through on-screen steps. The Fullscript practitioner account is free for both you, and your clients. 

After you've connected your Fullscript account, you'll be able to make new recommendations, and see all past recommendations you've created for a particular client.

For Organizations

Healthie enables organizations that use Fullscript to use an Organization Fullscript plan, or enable practitioners to have their own Fullscript account. More details available here

As a clinician, if you see the error message "You are not authorized to perform this action", You will need to contact your account administrator who can adjust your permissions, following these instructions.

Make a product recommendation for a client 

1. Navigate to the "Fullscript" tab within a specific client's profile.

2. Click "Make a recommendation"

3. You will be taken to your Fullscript account to make a recommendation. 

Note: If you do not see a "Make a recommendation" button, you may need to refresh your screen

4. Once you make a recommendation, your client will receive an e-mail notifying them of this recommendation

The product recommendation information will automatically be updated to your client's Healthie profile. You'll be able to refer back to this information, and also learn if your client has purchased the recommended product. The product information included in your client's account includes: 

  • Product/Supplement name 
  • Quantity recommended 
  • The message you may have included for your client in the recommendation 
  • Date recommended 
  • Quantity ordered by client (or on behalf of client) 
  • Which provider in your organization placed the recommendation

You can watch this quick instructional video to see step-by-step on adding your product recommendations for a Healthie client.

How clients can order products you have recommended

You can share this resource with clients, to help them navigate the experience of Fullscript and Healthie


  • Error message "E-mail has already been taken" or "SMS must be between 8-15 numbers" - This occurs if there is a slight difference in the name / e-mail address you are using to connect Healthie & Fullscript.  Be sure to verify your name, number, and email are the same in both accounts. 
  • We also recommend contacting Fullscript Support:  https://support.fullscript.com/hc/en-us

Create a Fullscript Account 

Setting up a Fullscript account is required to use the Healthie + Fullscript integration. If you would like to set up a Fullscript Account: 

  • Navigate to https://fullscript.com/ and click "Create Account." 
  • Follow the prompts
  • Reach out to Fullscript support and mention that you came from Healthie, as they can assist with connecting your Healthie & Fullscript accounts. 

Additional Notes 

  • We continue to work on additional updates to our Fullscript integration. If you have suggestions, please e-mail hello@gethealthie.com
  • In a forthcoming update, we'll be adding a section within clients' accounts, such that they will be able to see the recommendations you've made within Healthie. They currently receive an e-mail notifying them of recommendations, and need to log into their Fullscript client account to view all past recommendations. 
  • Healthie's integration with Fullscript is bi-directional. If you have a mutual client in Healthie & Fullscript (matched by email address), a client can also go directly to your Fullscript dispensary link, and order through Fullscript. Their order will automatically update within their Healthie client profile for you to review. 
  • Patients can directly access their Fullscript accounts if preferred. You simply have to give your patients the link to your own Fullscript dispensary (available on the practitioner's Fullscript account homepage - when you log into your Fullscript account)
    • You can set up your dispensary to open access to all products on Fullscript or restrict to categories they have created. Thus, if a patient has a treatment plan, they can browse other products if you've set up your account that way - available in settings.
    • Regardless, you will get the "credit" for any patients that order from their dispensary. Fullscript only allows patients to order from practitioners (they do not accept patient orders directly).
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