Zapier and Healthie

Healthie does not currently integrate with Zapier, which is a tool that connects software platforms with each other. The primary reason for this, is that Zapier is not HIPAA-compliant, and will not authorize that they protect information passed through the platform in accordance with HIPAA standards. 

From Zapier: "Zapier does not claim HIPAA compliance, and cannot advise on how Zapier usage may or may not comply with your unique requirements."

Rather, Healthie will help you build direct integrations with the other business platforms that you may use. You can review our current list of available integrations here.

If you do not see a listed integrations, you can add a request to our Product Portal. Our team regularly reviews integrations requests, and your insights will allow us to: 1. Prioritize our Product Roadmap and 2. Notify you of any updates on your requested integration.

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