Sales Tax, Shipping Costs & Additional Fees

At this time, Healthie does not automatically add sales taxes or shipping costs for products or services. Keep this in mind when setting the rate for your packages. Your business attorney or accountant can help you determine how much to mark-up your prices to calculate for state/federal taxes. Additionally, provider's are responsible for calculating rates for any shipping or fees that may be included in fulfilling an order. 

You can adjust the pricing of the package (overall) as needed -- for example, if you wish to mark-up your pricing to account for taxes or fees (ie. shipping costs) you can included your product item at it's base cost, but mark up the price of your package to account for these added costs. 

For your convenience, as you complete the pricing tab of your client package, Healthie automatically displays the total payment amount you'll receive after Stripe processing fees. 

When purchasing, your client will only see the total amount of the package, they will not be able to see any breakdown of included payments. If you'd like to clarify any of details, we suggest including information in the product description (ie. a shipping fee of $5.99 included in the total cost of your package). Example below. 

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