Client Legal and Preferred Names

In some cases, your client will preferred to be called something other than their given/legal name. However, for legal and billing purposes, you will still need to have their legal name on file. Typically this is the name that is listed on the client's insurance card. 

You can add both the client's preferred name, and their legal name, to their client profile. 

Adding and Editing a Client Name 

When you manually add a client to Healthie, you will be required to enter a first and last name. 

This client first and last name will render and auto-fill across the platform. Scheduling, Charting, Billing, etc will all list this client's first and last name as entered. 

To make adjustments to this name, navigate to the Client's Profile > Actions > Personal Information 

Client Preferred Name 

The First Name field in the Client Profile reflects the client's Preferred Name. This is the name that the client will see in any provider-client communication (ie. automated emails to the client). 

Client Legal Name 

The Legal Name field can optionally be updated to add the clients Legal FIRST Name (not full name). When populated, this is the first name that will render in CMS 1500 Claims, Invoices, and Superbills. The client will continue to see their preferred name in automated communications, and when they log into their Healthie Client Portal. 

Searching or Selecting Clients by Name

When searching for clients, providers can search by either Legal or Preferred name. The Preferred Name will show in parenthesis. Places in the platform where you may be prompted to select the client's legal name include: 

  • During a general search of your client base 
  • Selecting a client for a Superbill 
  • Selecting a client for a CMS 1500 claim 
  • Selecting a client for an invoice 

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