Finance Teams: ACH Authorization & Setup

Healthie has adopted a policy to discontinue the use of paper checks and manual invoicing, to streamline processes for all. As part of this policy, current and prospective Subscribers are encouraged to enroll in our ACH (automated clearing house) program, if that is preferred to Subscription payments via credit card on file. 

Getting Started

  1. Send the following information to
    • Financial Institution Name:
    • Account Number:  
    • Bank ABA Routing Number for ACH: 
    • Your Zip code (associated with bank account): 
  2. Healthie will initiate two micro-deposits into your account. You will receive these into your account 2-3 business days after you have sent the information outlined in #1 above. When you receive these micro-deposits, please send the amounts to
  3. We will finalize the process to set up ACH payments for your membership. 


We're here to help. Send an email to

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