Change Healthcare and Healthie

Change Healthcare is a provider of revenue and payment cycle management that connects payers, providers, and patients within the U.S. healthcare system.

Healthie has integrated with Change Healthcare for the following services: 

Change Healthcare: E-Labs

The Change Healthcare + Healthie integration for E-labs enables providers to order, track & receive lab results from over 500 unique lab companies directly within Healthie. Lab vendors within the Change Healthcare network include Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. 

This lab integration supports insurance-based and cash-pay options for clients.

More Information: Change Healthcare: E-Labs

Change Healthcare: Claims Management

Healthie's Insurance Billing solution makes it easy to create and submit CMS 1500 claims to insurers. We have integrated with Change's Claims Management product, which will give organizations an additional option to submit claims, with the following capabilities:

  • Submit healthcare claims for a service or encounter
  • Review claim status updates and remittance notifications
  • Receive responses and resolve issues
  • Review reports from payers

More Information: Change Healthcare: Claims Management

Change Healthcare: Insurance Eligibility Checks

We have integrated with Change's Insurance Eligibility product, which gives organizations the ability to check for eligibility of services using Change's lookup tool. 

Once the Healthie + Change Healthcare: Eligibility Checks integration is enabled, providers are able to manually run a check within Healthie to verify the insurance status (active or inactive) for a specific patient, to support more efficient and accurate reimbursement.

More Information: Change Healthcare: Eligibility Checks

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