Adjusting timezones within Healthie calendar

Healthie will now intelligently detect when your timezone has changed and will prompt you to take the appropriate action.

Don’t want to wait for a prompt no problem! You can now also change your timezone settings any time you’d like by clicking the settings gear icon on the top right corner and going into your personal account settings.

Type in the search box to find your timezone or scroll through the list.

Once you make a selection we’ll show you the current time in that timezone so you can be sure you made the right selection.

Your timezone affects your appointment times and the times that you see in reports. Your clients have their own timezone setting so that each person sees times in their appropriate timezone. By default, Healthie uses the timezone of your computer or device.

How does Healthie determine my timezone?

Healthie automatically determines your timezone based on your device's settings.
To view or change your device's settings, you can follow these steps

  1. Mac OSX -
  2. Microsoft Windows -
  3. Apple iOS (iPhone) -
  4. Android -

I'm working with someone in a different timezone, does that change anything?

Nope! Healthie will automatically convert dates and times between you and the other person.