Healthie's Calendar, entry and chart note records, and core features of the platform use Timezones to log and record actions taken by you and your clients. This is useful for streamlining operations related to appointment booking, confirmation and reminder e-mails, and managing your schedule. Healthie will automatically detect changes in yours and your client's time zones, but you can also manually set a time zone for your Healthie account. 


System Detects a time zone change 

Healthie's system will detect if you are in a time zone different from your regular time zone, and show a following prompt asking you if you'd like to change your time zone. 

Change your time zone settings

You can change your preferred timezone by navigating to Settings > Personal

Type in the search box to find your preferred timezone, or scroll through the list of available options.

Once you make a selection, Healthie will show you the current time in that timezone, so you can be sure you made the right selection.

Your timezone affects your appointment times and the times that you see in reports. Your clients have their own timezone setting so that each person sees times in their appropriate timezone. By default, Healthie uses the timezone of your computer or device.

Update a Client's Time Zone

Providers can adjust client timezones directly from the client's profile within Healthie.  To do so, navigate to the client's profile and click on the "Actions" tab. Under the "Personal Information" drop down on the Client Info page, you can select the client's time zone from the drop down menu. 

How Healthie determines your timezone

Healthie automatically determines your timezone based on your device's settings.

To view or change your device's settings, you can follow these steps

  1. Mac OSX - https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25523?locale=en_US
  2. Microsoft Windows - https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/6401-change-time-zone-windows-10-a.html or https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026213/windows-how-to-set-your-time-and-time-zone
  3. Apple iOS (iPhone) - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203483
  4. Android - http://smallbusiness.chron.com/changing-time-zone-android-32907.html

How Healthie determines your client's timezone

There is a hierarchy of how Healthie sets the timezone in which your client receives texts, reminders, and other information related to their work with you:

  • If your client has set their own timezone, that will show up
  • If your client has not set a time zone, your timezone as the provider will show up
  • If you / your clients have not set up a time zone, then by default EST will be shown. 

FAQs: Timezones

I'm working with someone in a different timezone, does that change anything?

Healthie will automatically convert dates and times between you and the other person, and adjust the availability that the client sees, based on their timezone.

Note: Depending on the specific hours of your availability, and the client's time zone, your available hours may show up on the subsequent day. For example, if you are in New York and have the time slot 10PM EST open on June 24th, your client in London will see this availability appear on June 25th, but not on June 24th. 

How can my clients adjust their timezones?

Your clients can also log into their web portal and adjust their timezone settings from the main settings menu. 

Timezones are not related to the client's phone number, but rather the timezone that a client has set on their phone or computer when they start using Healthie. They can always adjust it later by following the prompts in their "Settings" tab. 

We are also able to lock all of your clients timezones to a particular timezone. Contact hello@gethealthie.com if you'd like assistance setting this up. 

If I have a client in a different time zone, will their calendar reflect their time zone and my time zone correctly? 

Yes! Healthie will automatically convert dates and times between you and the other person, and adjust the availability that the client sees, based on their timezone. The exception to this, is if you have "locked" timezones for your clients, in which case, they will always see your time zone, no matter what their local time zone is. 

I am part of an organization with multiple providers. Can we each set our own timezones?

Yes. Timezones are individual, so as a provider you can set yourself up in your own time zone (using the instructions above) if that's easier for you / an assistant / other providers to review. E-mail confirmations and reminders for your clients specifically will be sent in YOUR time zone. 

What timezone do journal entries show?

If your client is in a different time zone from you, when you view their journal entries or logs, the system converts these time zones into your local time zone. 

Arizona has unique timezones and Daylight Savings rules; how can I be sure my calendar is showing the right time for myself in AZ or clients I see in AZ?

Healthie's calendar is sophisticated such that we know that AZ has unique daylight savings times rules. So, rest assured that the Calendar will automatically update based on time of year.

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