Getting Started: Healthie Calendar

Healthie's calendar is designed specifically to meet the needs, nuances, and special considerations for a health and wellness business. This overview walks through the fundamentals of setting up your calendar and taking advantage of over 35 custom settings you can enable/disable to meet your business's specific needs.

Get started with Healthie's calendar in six steps:

  1. Set appointment types to indicate the sessions / services that you offer (e.g., Initial Consultation, 90 minutes, available in-person and virtual) enable / disable a client to book this session, and indicate whether it's an individual / group session Learn more
  2. Establish appointment settings to add locations, text / e-mail appointment confirmations and reminders, a color scheme for your calendar, add a buffer in between appointments, etc. Learn more
  3. Set up your default availability to enable clients to book (or request to book) sessions with you (which can be shown on your website) Learn more
  4. Add (and remove) one-time availability to open up additional time on your calendar for clients to book, for a specific date/time. Learn more.
  5. Sync Healthie with iCal, Google, and Outlook Calendars to pull / push events from other calendars that you use Learn more
  6. Add your calendar / packages to your website for clients to discover, book, and purchase your sessions, and be automatically added to your workflow Learn more

From there, you'll be all set to add an appointment! When you create an appointment, you can create one-time or recurring appointment sessions, and you'll be prompted to do so within the pop-up module when you select "Add an appointment" on your calendar screen. More information on scheduling appointments in Healthie can be found here

Advanced Configurations: Healthie Calendar

  • Organization calendar settings for multiple providers in an organization Learn more
  • Adjust availability for a specific day to account for vacation / days off Learn more
  • Shortcuts for rescheduling appointments by drag and drop. Learn more
  • Adjust timezones if you would like to lock the visibility for yourself and clients, independent of actual location Learn more

Additional resources

Join a Healthie Live Class to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and engaging with clients. Make the most of the Healthie platform with these free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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