Sync Healthie with iPhone or iPad Calendar

In addition to syncing with your iCal, GCal, and Outlook Calendars, Healthie can sync directly with your iOS' iPhone or iPad Calendar. This is another way of connecting your Healthie Calendar to the iCal ecosystem, but from your tablet or mobile device rather than a computer. 

Please note: Pop up blockers must be disabled for a calendar sync to work. 

Accessing your Healthie iCal Link

Navigate to Calendar > More > Sync Calendar > Copy Link under iCal. We recommend accessing this link from the device that you will be using to add your calendar, as you will be able to copy and paste this link directly, versus having to type it in.

Syncing your iCal Link onto your Apple device

Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Add Account

Note: For more recent OS updates, you have to navigate to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account

In the "Server" area, paste the link you saved above

Tap Next, add a description, and you're done. You'll see events populate onto your calendar within an hour. 

Note: This does not add your existing iCal events to your Healthie calendar. 

Additional Resources

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