Sync Healthie with iCal, Google, and Outlook Calendars

Integrating Healthie with iCal, Google, and Outlook calendars

Healthie's calendar system can be integrated with the other calendars that you use, to streamline your operations, prevent appointments from being booked when you are unavailable, and make it easy to see your schedule in one place. 

This article walks through:

  • Fundamentals of Syncing Healthie with other calendars
  • Accessing Healthie's Calendar Sync
  • Deep-dive: iCal
  • Deep-dive: Google Calendar
  • Deep-dive: Outlook Calendar

Fundamentals of Syncing Healthie with other calendars

  • Your clients will never see any details / meetings of your synced appointment. They will simply be unable to book with you during that time blocked, since it'll override your weekly availability
  • To preserve HIPAA-compliance, Healthie does not push the First or Last Name of a client onto your External Calendar, unless you have a BAA with that calendar provider.
    • To sign a BAA with Google/GSuite follow the instructions in this link. Then, message our support team ( to let us know that you have done so, so we can enable sharing of clients names onto your Google Calendar. 
  • Healthie's calendar pulls in events 90 days in advance from your Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendars.
  • Healthie offers two-way syncing with Google calendar, and it is on our roadmap to add this capability for iCal and Outlook as well. A two-way sync pushes Healthie appointments onto your personal calendar, as well as pulls your existing events to override any weekly availability that you have set up, to prevent double booking.  

Accessing Healthie's Calendar Sync 

  • Go to the calendar tab on Healthie's Dashboard
  • More > Sync Calendar 
  • Select the calendar that you'd like to sync with. You will see a URL that you can use below.

Once you click "More" you will click the fourth option down, "Sync Calendar." 

From this screen, you will select the Calendar you wish you connect, either Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple iCal.

iCAL sync with Healthie

To sync your Apple iCal, click the green "Copy Link" option. This will copy the URL of the Healthie Calendar for you to subscribe to your iCal. Once you have that copied, go ahead and open the iCalendar app on your computer. It looks just like the icon in the image above for iCal. From iCal, you will select "File" in the top left, and from that drop down select "New Calendar Subscription." 

You will then be prompted to enter the URL to subscribe to, so you can just paste it in using the Command + V keyboard shortcut, or right click and selecting Paste. Once the URL is in the bar, select "Subscribe." 

Now that the Calendar is subscribed, one more pop-up box will appear to finish the settings for the Calendar. Here you can enter the name, which I tend to recommend be "Healthie Calendar" or "Healthie Appointments."

You will also want to make sure the refresh rate is at least set to Daily, but Hourly, every 15 minutes and every 5 minutes are also available. Once you have that set, you can leave all the other settings to their defaults and select "OK."

Note: To maintain HIPAA-compliance, names will not sync from Healthie to your iCal. On your iCal, the appointment generated in Healthie will show up as the "Appointment Type" but will not show your client's name. 

Now your iCal is synced up! A quick note, the iCal sync is only 1-Way, which means your appointments in Healthie will show up as events in iCal, but your iCal events will not show up in the Healthie Calendar. 

Since iCal is a one way sync to Healthie, you can sync your iCal to Gcal and sync Healthie to Gcal which will pull your events from iCal. To sych your iCal to Gcal. Open your iCal account and select "Calendar" (at top)-"Preferences" then "Account". There should see Google listed. Select "Google CalDAV" and make sure you select "Enable this account."

Deep-dive: Google Calendar

To sync Google Calendar, select the Google Calendar Option. Upon clicking, it will bring you into the Google interface to enter your Google account associated with your Google Calendar, and then ask your permission to have it manage your calendar, which you will select "Allow."
Once selecting Allow, you will be brought back into the Healthie Platform, where you should notice the Green success bar across the top notifying you that the sync was completed. 

Now make sure that "Pull in events from Google" is checked, so that you're pulling in the events in Google. You also want to make sure the last check mark down by "Add appointments to Google" is selected. This way, you have a 2-way sync so that you never have to worry about being double booked!
A note, Google sets its own refresh rate, and it may take up to an hour for changes or events to show up in the Calendars. Here are more details on this

If your calendar has been synced successfully in the past, but is no longer updating, you may need to re-sign in with your Google account. There are just a few steps to get your calendar up and running again!

First, click Unsync on Healthie (Calendar > More > Sync Calendar > Unsync). Then click  this link to find your Google settings for Healthie calendars. Select Healthie > Remove Access from the link above, then resync your calendar on Healthie following the instructions at the beginning of this section. Appointments will begin populating within one hour. 

Additional Notes:

  • Healthie's sync pulls in appointments where you are marked as busy in Google Calendar.
  • When you go to edit an appointment in Google Calendar, only the appointments with "Busy" selected will be pulled in.

Deep-dive: Microsoft Outlook

To sync Microsoft Outlook, you will select Outlook in the middle of the screen. 
You will be taken to the Microsoft Outlook login screen, and you will follow the instructions on screen to enter your Outlook account.

You will now be all set with your sync, Outlook is a 2-way sync, so events in Outlook will come and block off time in Healthie, and events in Healthie will show up in Outlook!