Add a "Client Portal" Login to your website

Want clients to be able to sign in to Healthie directly from your website? Embed a link where clients can get to the Healthie platform via your website or social media account.


  • Create a "Button" on your website; button names may include:
    • "Click here to log in"
    • "Online Nutrition Portal"
    • Client Sign In"
  • Copy and paste the link below, attach it to the button you created:

  • By default, this page will have the Healthie logo. If you are interested in have a branded version of this page, please reach out: - depending on your plan level, an extra fee may apply.


Our data shows that clients tend to access Healthie from their mobile device. The mobile app enables clients, and providers, to access their accounts conveniently while on the go. 

You may want to consider adding the App Store and Google Play links to your website, to help clients learn that their is a mobile app, and how they can download it. The app to download is the same for both providers AND clients, but you'll use different login credentials to access. When a client logs in, they see their CLIENT account, which is different from a provider's. Same app, different experience! 

Find the download links and learn more about the Healthie mobile app here

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