Client Unique ID / External Record Identifier

As part of your client management on Healthie, you may want to have a unique ID that is associated with each client. This may help you with:  

  • Business Analysis
  • If needing to anonymize data, keep a unique ID per client, if you subsequently remove certain identifiable information from Reports

Healthie provides you with two options and you can elect to use one or both of these:

  1. Healthie's Unique Client ID number 
  2. Your own External Record Identifier

1. Healthie's Unique Client ID Number

Healthie assigns all clients with a unique ID, a number that is randomly generated by the platform, but consistently connected to your specific client, that may help you with:

You will be able to see the Unique ID of your client on Reports generated within the platform. At this time, the unique ID of your client does not appear on your Chart Notes. 

2. Your own External Record Identifier

You are also able to add a Client Record Identifier to a Client's profile. This is helpful, if for example, you have moved to Healthie from another platform or have existing paper records, as this is a vehicle to cross-reference files. 

To add an external record identifier to Healthie, navigate to your  Client's Profile > Actions > Personal Information, then type or paste the client's external record identifier into the dedicated External Record Identifier field.

If you would like our assistance mass uploading external record identifiers that you have for your clients, we are happy to help. Please e-mail us: 

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