Emails going to junk mail folder

If you notice that your emails, or your clients' emails, coming from Healthie ( are being delivered to a promotion or junk email folder, there are several safeguards you can take to ensure that they arrive in your primary email inbox.

Here are a few guides on adding Healthie to your safe sender list:

We, unfortunately, cannot control, with guarantee, that emails are sent to a primary mailbox, though we continually monitor to find ways to improve this. 

White-list e-mails from Healthie

There may be a need to white-list e-mails and other communication from Healthie if you have a private domain with restrictions and filters. This is most common in Universities, organizations with restrictive spam filters, and defense organizations, and may be the reason that you are not receiving communication from Healthie. In this instance, we recommend reaching out to your IT administrator, and having him/her white-list

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