Internal notifications in Healthie

There are several areas where you will get internal notifications in Healthie. You'll see your notifications when logged in to your Healthie provider account from both the web browser and the mobile app. 


Healthie notifications on web browser

This can be found on the top right of your page as a notification or "bell" icon. The number on the bell indicates how many new notifications you've had. Clicking on the icon will show you recent actions that have been made by clients, including: 

  • new appointment booked
  • new comment added
  • new entry posted
  • new message sent
  • document was shared
  • payment was made
  • Click "See All" to expand the list of notifications. Clicking on a particular notification will bring jump you to the corresponding activity area (ie. if a client has booked a new appointment, clicking on the notification will bring you to the appointment within Calendar). 

    Healthie notifications on mobile app 

    You'll also be able to check your notifications from the mobile app, so that you stay informed of your account updates in real-time, no matter where you are. If you prefer, you can also enable push notifications from the Healthie app so that you receive a banner/pop-up notification when you're not logged into the Healthie. 

    To enable push notifications from your Healthie mobile app 

    1. Enable  telehealth push notifications for your mobile device:

    • On iOS: General Settings > Notifications > Healthie > Enable Push notifications
    • On Android: Apps > Settings > More > Healthie > Turn on notifications

    2. Enable  other push notifications: 

    • Log into your Healthie account from a computer, or a web browser (e.g., Safari) --> NOT within the mobile app. 
    • Click on the Gear icon > "Settings (top right)" 
    • Go to "Notifications" under the Personal section of the side-bar menu 
    • Check off "Push Notification" 
    • Click "Save" to update your preferences

    Chat notifications 

    When you have new unread chat you will see a notification both on the left panel and once you click on chat. This notification will display in both the web browser and the mobile app. To ensure that you always receive real-time notifications when your client sends a chat, you can also enable your email notification for new chats. 

    Learn how to enable email notifications here.

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