Functional Medicine Fast Track (FMFT)

Healthie has partnered with Function Medicine Fast Track (FMFT) led by Garric Vosloo. 

Members of the Fast Track Program receive  Fast Track Intake Forms, Charting Templates, and Documents. In additional, members also have access to Institute of Functional Medicine Intake Forms.  

FMFT Members are given the following forms on their Healthie platform:

  • Functional Medicine Timeline
  • Sleep Questionnaire
  • Food Reintroduction Symptom Tracker
  • ADAM Questionnaire form Men          
  • BPH Symptom Index 
  • Daily Activity Questionnaire 
  • Goal Setting for Behavior Change
  • Practicing Gratitude    
  • Self-Care Questionnaire                                    
  • Toxin Exposure                                                
  • Thyroid Screening Questionnaire            
  • Depression Anxiety Stress Scales
  • Male Intake Questionnaire                               
  • 1 Day Diet, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Journal 
  • 3 day Diet, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Journal       
  • 7 Day Diet, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Journal
  • Prescription and Lifestyle Plan                           
  • Exercise History Questionnaire
  • MSQ
  • Male Intake Questionnaire 
  • Female Intake Questionnaire 
  • Male and Female Combined Intake Questionnaire 
  • Physical Evaluation

If you are a member of Fast Track on Practice Plus and above and would like to have these forms added to your Healthie provider account, please e-mail Proof of your enrollment may be required for validation. 

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