Getting Started: Practice Plus

Healthie's Practice Plus plan enables providers to scale their core business, and in particular, offer value-add services to clients, with the goal of bolstering engagement, introducing group services, webinars, and videos, and building and distributing courses to clients. Providers also have a unique E-fax number to communicate with other healthcare providers. 


Additional Practice Plus Features

  • Programs: Build and distribute courses to your clients, automatically send forms to clients on a pre-defined schedule, automate a weekly survey, share videos with clients. 
  • Group Video Chat (via Zoom): You will have access to a HIPAA-compliant subscription of Zoom, directly integrated with your Healthie calendar. You can book group webinars, one-on-one sessions, record presentations, and store recordings locally. 
  • Direct Claim Submission to Office Ally: Automatically submit claims that have been created in Healthie to Office Ally
  • Branding: E-mails will contain links to your social media accounts and your company logo. You can also customize the side dashboard of the web platform with your company logo and color.
  • Color code appointments on Healthie's calendar: Have different colors to indicate appointment status/type or other configurations of your choosing. 
  • E-fax: Request a unique number to communicate digitally with physicians and other healthcare stakeholders, most commonly used for chart notes, referrals, lab reports. 
  • E-labs: Healthie's E-labs feature enables providers to offer, and clients to purchase, Quest labs directly within the Healthie platform, and fully electronically, to save providers time and the need to navigate to external platforms.  

How to get started with Practice Plus

Our team is here to help you get started with a Practice Plus membership plan. Here are Healthie's plans & pricing. When you're ready, you can message over live chat (click the chat icon on the bottom right-hand side of your Healthie account or the main Healthie website) or email us 

In your message include: 

  • Confirm that you would like to become a Practice Plus member 
  • Verify if you'd like to activate a monthly subscription or annual subscription (save 10% when you pay annually). 

Available member resources

Join our free Live Classes on making the most of Healthie - there is no limit. In particular, we highly recommend Practice Plus members join the deep-dive classes on Programs and Telehealth/Webinars to help you get started with these features. Join a Live Class - Sign up 

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