Client initiated chargeback

If your client initiates a chargeback, which means that they are disputing the services received from you, you will need to take action to prove that a charge is valid, or risk having the payment deducted from your transfers received. 

The most common reasons for a charge back include:

  • The cardholder doesn't recognize this charge and reported it as fraudulent (Payments processed via Healthie show your business name and/or the Package name).
  • The cardholder believes that services were not actually received
  • The cardholder cancelled services and this is therefore an unauthorized charge. 

If your client initiates a chargeback for a payment processed via Healthie, you will receive an e-mail notification with next steps that you will need to take. 


  • If this is confusion on your client's part, we'll recommend you reach out to your client to have them call their bank to withdraw the chargeback, and email with written evidence that it is withdrawn.
  • If the service was rendered, please e-mail a signed agreement or other evidence of service provided. 
  • If you accept the chargeback, please let us know by e-mailing
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