Deep dive: Organization Settings

Healthie offers you the ability to customize over 35 permissions and settings for each member of your team. In this article we run through each permission, and best practices on incorporating this into your team's workflow. 

Client Visibility Settings

  • Should appear as a provider: will show on the organization calendar as an option to schedule
  • Can search across all clients in the organization:
  • Sees all clients in the organization on the Clients Page: this gives them access to the entire client's profile 
  • Can add new clients
  • Can archive clients: (Note: Standard/Support can never delete a client's account)

Calendar & Appointment Permissions

  • Can view the calendar of every member in the organization, in addition to their own
  • Can edit and delete appointment on behalf of other members in the organization:
    • Visibility of Appointment Status is tied to this setting
  • Is notified via e-mail and notifications bell when an appointment is booked by a client with any member of the organization
  • Is notified via e-mail and notifications bell when an appointment is cancelled with any member of the organization
  • Can add and edit appointment types that are then visible within the entire organization
  • Sees availability by default when the Organization Calendar is loaded

Here are some additional customizations that can be set up with your Calendar:

  • Availability by location
  • Availability by appointment type
    • This setting is for if you want to have different appointments to be open on different days 
      • Use Case 1: I run a grocery store tour but only on Saturdays 
      • Use Case 2: I only want to do to free initial consultations for 2 hours a day and leave my calendar open for existing clients the rest of the day
      • Use Case 3: I have several different members of my organization who offer different types of services
  • Availability by contact type 
    • This settings is for when you want specific blocks of times open based on the type of meeting (in-person, telehealth, phone call)
      • I only want to offer telehealth calls after hours or on weekend and in-person during regular business day 

Billing Permissions

  • Can see billing
  • Sees all organizational (not just individual) billing
  • Can create and edit packages
  • Shares packages with the entire organization
  • Can charge clients
  • Can edit client credit
  • Can add, edit, and delete products
  • Can view, create, and edit Superbills
  • Can view, create, and edit CMS 1500s
  • Can see Transfers

Other Permissions

  • Can add members to the organization
  • Can remove, and edit members in the organization
  • Is notified via e-mail when a fax comes in
  • Is notified via e-mail when a fax fails to send
  • Can view incoming faxes
  • Can view sent faxes from members in the organization
  • Can delete faxes
  • Can edit forms, charting templates, and intake flows
  • Shares custom metrics with the entire Organization
  • Can view other Org Members documents
  • Can edit documents and folders uploaded by all members of the Organization
  • Can edit and create programs
  • Has their goal favorites available to other members of the Organization
  • Can use goal favorites that are shared from other members of the organization
  • Can have their own branding
  • Can generate Organization Reports
  • Should see the option to use Fullscript with Healthie 
  • Should use same Fullscript account as other members of the Organization
  • Receive e-mail notification when any client in the organization starts an intake flow
  • Receives e-mail notification when any client in the organization completes an intake flow
  • Can merge clients
  • Can add other org members to Chat conversations

Additional capabilities

  • We can help you adjust additional permissions in your account -reach out to us ( to learn more
    • Ability for different providers to have separate bank accounts linked to their account 
    • Default telehealth meetings to HIPAA Zoom
    • Have a specific provider have their own specific appointment settings/appointment types that are different from rest of default org settings 
  • The most common request includes modifying which team members receive notifications for certain actions, for example when an appointment is cancelled, when a fax is received, and when a client completes their onboarding.

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