Chart note written / not written feature

There may be instances in which you'd like to double-check that a chart note has been written for each appointment on your calendar. This is useful, for example, if: 

  • You take insurance, and need to confirm that for auditing purposes, each session has it's own chart note
  • You have back-to-back clients and would like to run through your schedule at the end of the day, to follow up and add chart notes for each client

Healthie's feature Chart note Written / Not written makes it easy to track which sessions you have completed charting for, vs those that still need to be done. 

You can access this feature within your Calendar > Appointment Session. Here is information on how this works:

  • If you have a chart note that was created for a day in which you have a client appointment, "Chart Note Written" will automatically be updated if you look at the Appointment Details within "Calendar". 
  • If you click the details "Chart Note Written" you will be taken to the chart note

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