Deep Dive: Appointments Report

The Appointments report enables you to download details and records of appointments scheduled within the platform. Use this report to reconcile client appointments by provider, by location, and run analyses on appointment no-show rates, amongst other needs. 


Accessing the Appointments Report

From your Healthie Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Appointments Report > Select Date Range > Generate

"Status" column

The status column indicates the final result of the appointment.

Within any appointment that is created within Healthie, there is a drop down where you can mark an appointment as [occurred, cancelled, no-show, rescheduled]. Once this is marked within the Healthie calendar, it will be reflected in your downloaded appointment report. 

"Notes" Column

Notes that you write, about a specific appointment, will be pulled as a text column in the Appointment Report

Length and Actual Duration

  • Length: The intended, scheduled duration of the appointment
  • Actual duration: A manually inputted field, that a provider can edit, around the *actual* status of an appointment

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