Deep Dive: Appointments Report

The Appointments report enables you to download details and records of appointments scheduled within the platform. Use this report to reconcile client appointments by provider, by location, and run analyses on appointment no-show rates, amongst other needs. 

In addition to the .csv file that you can generate, information relevant to Appointments will also display visually within Healthie. Learn more about the Appointments Report Dashboard

Accessing the Appointments Report

From your Healthie Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Appointments Report > Select the Date Range > Click the 'Download Report' button (top right) > Generated Reports

This will automatically generate the report within your Healthie Documents Library as a CSV file within the Generated Reports folder. You may open it directly from your computer, rename the file, relocate the file within your library or even delete the file. 

Fields that are included in this report: 

  • Appointment date
  • Appointment type
  • Client name 
  • Client unique Healthie ID number 
  • Client status (active or archived) 
  • Client date of birth (if documented) 
  • Client primary insurance (if documented) 
  • Client phone number 
  • Provider client booked an appointment with 
  • Person who booked the appointment (ie. the wellness provider, another member of your organization, or your client) 
  • Appointment status (occurred, cancelled, no-show, rescheduled) 
  • Date of Last Status Change
  • Client attendance for group appointments (yes or no, if documented by the provider) 
  • Scheduled length of time for appointment 
  • Actual duration of appointment 
  • Contact type (in-person, video call, phone) 
  • Location (if your organization hosts appointments in multiple locations) 
  • Reason that client booked the appointment 
  • Notes (any added notes by the provider within the appointment details) 
  • Whether a chart note was written (yes or no) 
  • Client's group 
  • Client Tags
  • Client's diagnosis code (if provider has documented one) 
  • Time the appointment was scheduled 
  • Referring provider name and contact details (if provided) 
  • Charting Note "Locked" status (Yes/No) 

"Status" column

The status column indicates the final result of the appointment.

"Notes" Column

Notes that you write about each appointment will be generated as a text column in the Appointments Report

Length and Actual Duration

  • Length: The intended, scheduled duration of the appointment
  • Actual duration: A manually inputted field, that a provider can edit, around the *actual* status of an appointment. Note: In order for data to enter in this column, a member of your team must manually enter this information in, otherwise it will appear blank. 
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