Claim Forms: Taxonomy Codes - 24J Gray

For CMS 1500 Claims to be properly completed and submitted, a taxonomy code needs to be added. 

A taxonomy code describes the Provider or Organization's type, classification, and area of specialization. For billing purposes, the taxonomy code is entered into Field 24J Grey on the CMS-1500 form.

Here is a list of taxonomy codes from the CMS:

Adding Taxonomy Code in Healthie CMS Claim 

Be sure to populate the following fields when completing your CMS 1500 Claim. Once you've created a claim for a client, the information will automatically pre-fill the next time you create a claim for the client. 

  • Rendering Provider it should be ZZ in "Other ID Qualifier" and the actual code in the "Other ID"

  • Billing Provider its the code in the "Other ID Qualifier" field

Previewing Your Claim 

You can view your claim as it would appear on the red ink CMS form by exporting it as a PDF. 

Locate your claim > Actions (three dots) > Export as a PDF 

You can confirm that the taxonomy code was properly added by located the field 24J (gray box) 

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