Create and submit a CMS 1500 form using Healthie

Healthie's CMS 1500 platform makes it easy for providers to create CMS 1500 claims and submit them to an insurance company. Here are instructions on creating a claim and submitting it.

Creating a CMS 1500 form for a session

  • Billing > CMS 1500 > New CMS 1500 
  • Select the client that you would like to create a form for
  • Complete all information fields, leveraging the tool-tips and guides within the form. Many fields will pre-populate from previous completion of the form, and other documentation held within the platform.
  • Click "Create CMS 1500" 
  • Here are some best practices on completing the fields in a CMS 1500 form.

Submitting a completed CMS 1500 form

There are two ways to submit your CMS 1500 form. 
  1. Download the file - text will show up completed in the form template below. You can submit this directly to an insurance company by mailing it in. 

2. Export the data as a text file, for electronic submission through a Clearinghouse like Office Ally.