Opting in to Marketing Communications

Within the "Marketing" (left navigation sidebar) section of Healthie's product, providers have access to a suite of tools & automations that will help business owners increase the number of sessions booked and services purchased from clients within Healthie.

This addition will make it easy for providers to send emails to engage with current, prospective, and past clients in order to drive utilization of clinical services.

In order for your clients to receive email marketing communications from you, they will need to opt-in to these notifications. To be compliant with federal and international marketing regulations, you can not opt-in on behalf of a client. 

Client Opt-in from the Mobile App 

As a first step in permitting providers to marketing to clients, clients can now optionally "opt-in" to receiving marketing communications from the Healthie mobile app. 

  • Clients can log in > Settings > Notifications > Marketing
  • Check the box "Receive updates and special offers" 
  • Once selected, clients can indicate their preference for email or SMS 

SMS Marketing Notifications

If a client selects SMS as their communication preference, they will be prompted to confirm their mobile phone number.

Form Field: Opt-in to Marketing Communications

Outside of transactional information related to a client's account, providers can automatically receive consent to contact client's with newsletters, general practice updates or news, and promotional offers. This optional consent, can be captured by adding a field to an intake form, for clients to complete during onboarding. 

This field can be found in the Client Info section of the Questions Bank > Opt in to receive updates and special offers

Clients can self-adjust this response by going to the Notifications section of their account. Clients can also indicate their preference for email or SMS text notifications here. 

Providers cannot opt-in on behalf of their client, or change this selection. This opt-in is not intended to relate to client's permissions for transactional account updates (ie. appointment emails, confirmations, receipts for payments, etc). This is purely optional, and intended to be used only if the provider wishes to contact the client 

While you can currently use this consent to email your client outside of Healthie, we plan to enable providers to use Healthie directly to send email marketing messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can providers remove clients from email subscriptions/communications on their own if clients request to unsubscribe, or should provider continue to send these client names to Healthie Support to do so?

At this time there isn't a way for providers to completely unsubscribe a client from receiving emails from our platform, so you'll continue to want to reach out to Healthie Support (hello@gethealthie.com) to have this done if a client is still having an email sent to them after you've removed everything that would cause notifications to be sent out.

Should your client decide they want to receive emails again, the client will want to reach out to Healthie Support to have them turned back on.

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