Claim Forms: Add an Individual NPI Number

If you do not have or use a group/organization NPI number (NPI Type 2), you can use an individual NPI number (NPI Type 1) to complete a claim form.

To enter your individual NPI number, or the NPI number of a new provider on your team, you would need to create a CMS 1500 or SuperBill

Once you create one claim, your information (or the information for your new provider) will store in our system. 

Add Individual NPI to a Superbill 

When you create a Superbill, the indvidual NPI information will be added under Provider Information

Add Individual NPI to a CMS 1500 Claim

When you create a CMS 1500, the individual NPI information will be added to the Rendering Provider details 

Your Rendering Provider will be available the next time you complete a claim form, and you'll be able to select them from the drop-down. 

Forthcoming Updates

We are currently building out a section on the platform where you can enter your information so that you don't need to create a claim.

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