Healthie App for iPad

Healthie's iPad app (available on iOS with the app name Healthie) serves as a companion tool for both providers and clients for on the go communication, food logging, appointment scheduling, and more. The iPad and Mobile app are free for both providers and clients to download and utilize.

Download the iPad App 

The iPad app is available on iOS with the app name Healthie. 

Logging in to Healthie on the iPad App 

Clients will be prompted to enter their Healthie client credentials (email address and password) to access Healthie from the iPad app. From here they will be able to do the following: 

  • Book sessions & view upcoming appointments 
  • Launch telehealth calls
  • View documents 
  • View metrics 
  • Log journal entries 
  • Message their provider 
  • Complete forms

iPad App Best Practices 

  • The app when opened on an iPad is designed to only display vertically, and cannot be rotated to a horizontal view, 
  • The app functions almost identically on iPad as it does on the mobile app 
  • As the app is designed to be more like the mobile version of Healthie, not all features or capabilities are available. Clients should log into their Healthie account from the web if they would like to purchase packages, pay invoices, or adjust their account information & settings.
  • Keyboard will automatically display when any editable text field is tapped from the app, 
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