Mobile White-label

The mobile white-label enables you to have a company-specific mobile app (iOS and Android) that match Healthie's feature capabilities. 

Many organizations elect to use Healthie's mobile white label alongside the white-label for web

The Mobile White-Label is an available add-on for members on our Enterprise Plan. 

Overview: Mobile White-Label

Healthie's mobile white-label gives you, your team, your partners, and your clients a branded and custom mobile application (iOS and Android). 

This enables you to have your own mobile app in the Apple and Google Play stores, for your providers and clients to download. Healthie's team manages the full process for you, in a way that optimizes any development resources that you may have in-house (or prevents you from needing in-house development entirely). Some elements of Healthie's mobile white-label include:

  • Branded app - your company logo appears throughout the mobile app (there is no mention of Healthie) 
  • An app that appears in the Apple and Google Play stores for clients and providers to download and use. You have the option of Healthie hosting the mobile app, or we can submit in your app store account.
  • Healthie’s development team manages the build, support, development, and iOS / Android review processes, as well as ongoing updates
  • The ability to connect app utilization to tools like Mixpanel

Digital healthcare companies leverage the mobile white-label to offer a branded, tech-enabled services experience while saving development time on the back-end, as Healthie handles ongoing updates and maintenance. 


The mobile white-label enables you to have your own instance and application in the Apple and Google Play App Stores. You are able to select the logo that you would like to use, as well as the background colors that appear within the platform to providers and clients. 

Our branding questionnaire has specific requirements for logo and colors, and we recommend selecting a color that looks nice against white text. 

Here is an sample of a white-label branded business on mobile (what a client would see when logged into their client portal)

Other Customizations

You can modify the following within your mobile app with your mobile app white-label you are able to modify elements including: 

1) Bottom Tab Navigation Items

  • The navigation tabs across the bottom of the mobile app can be re-ordered
  • The navigation tabs across the bottom can be swapped with navigation items in the hamburger menu

Here is the default order for clients and providers:

2) Drawer (Hamburger Menu) Navigation Items

  • The drawer navigation items can e re-ordered and swapped with navigation items across the bottom tabs
  • Notes: 
    • Home: Displays the Bottom Navigation Screens
    • Care Plan: This tab is displayed only if client has an active care plan. This can be disabled by provider in settings
    • Metrics: Can be disabled in settings
    • Forms: Can be disabled in settings
    • Support: This is displayed only if customer provides a custom support link

3) Custom Links

Custom links can be added to the Drawer Navigator (Hamburger Menu). If you would like to add a custom link, please provide:

  • Link
  • Label for Button
  • Placement in the Hamburger Menu (by default, custom links will be placed at the very bottom)

4) Support Link / E-mail

You have two options for the Support Button in the Hamburger Menu:

1. Provide a link that users will be taken to

2. Provide an e-mail address (optional: text to pre-fill the e-mail subject line)

5) Hiding Parts of the App

Parts of the app’s interface can be hidden via a request to our team:

  • Hide Financials: This hides the “Financials” section in the client quick profiles in chat, as well as hiding the credits system while booking appointments.
  • Hide Packages: This hides the “Packages” section in the client quick profiles in chat.
  • Client Dashboard:
    • Hide Next Session Section
    • Hide Care Plan Section
    • Hide Current Tasks Section
    • Hide Goals Section
    • Hide Nutrition Summary
  • Provider Dashboard:
    • Hide Next Session Section
    • Hide Unconfirmed Sessions Section
    • Hide My Tasks Section
    • Hide Assigned Tasks Section

Other features of the app are automatically enabled or disabled based on settings you control (ie. Journaling and Useful Links).

6) Changing Words in the Mobile App

We can change only the label / title, or anywhere that the word may appear in the mobile app (this may not extend to the web platform, depending on the specific word). 

Current list of words we support changing include:

  • Session
  • Document
  • Program
  • Home
  • Care Plan
  • Metric
  • Journal
  • Sleep
  • Selfie
  • Selfie Category List Title
  • Food
  • Water
  • Activity
  • Poop
  • Note
  • Symptom

7) Custom Entry Buttons

  • Name: Let us know what you would like the entry to be labeled with
  • Icon: Supply SVG file
  • Color: Supply a hex code for the custom color

8) Log-in Screen

We’re currently able to:

  • Hide the Sign Up button at the bottom of the log-in screen
  • Customize the Sign Up button to open a provided link
  • We can change the default home page that your clients see upon log in (e.g., instead of seeing home page, client sees Programs or Goals First)

Publishing Your App

Your team can publish the white-label app to the app stores, or Healthie can do this for you. If you publish the app, your company name will appear on the app store pages, whereas Healthie will appear if the Healthie team handles the publishing. Your team would also need to sign up, maintain, and pay for your own dev accounts to publish the apps yourselves, as well as ensure there are no agreements pending that may block uploads.

Apple App Review: We can make the above-mentioned custom options, but cannot promise that they will successfully go through Apple’s app review. These reviews are done by Apple directly and can sometimes be rejected.

Re-Branding Support

Healthie can support your company re-branding if you are on a web or mobile white-label. If you need assistance with your re-branding, please e-mail

Have Questions?

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